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Cake Boss Flour Sifter
Cake Boss Flour Sifter
Cake Boss Flour Sifter
Cake Boss Flour Sifter

Cake Boss Flour Sifter

£7.00 Regular price £15.00


Dry ingredients get a lift with the Cake Boss™ Stainless Steel Flour Sifter with Red Silicone Grips.

This classic, retro-inspired flour sifter features a stainless steel body and filter, and a squeeze trigger within the handle.

Sifting flour, cocoa, powdered sugar and more with this flour sifter helps to make dry ingredients lighter and measurements more precise for better baking results. Sifting also helps loosen up compacted flour or confectioners’ sugar and aids in evenly distributing leavening agents like baking soda.

Colourful red silicone grips on the handle and trigger provide a solid, comfortable grasp during use, and a stylish Cake Boss logo is etched on the polished exterior. Use it to sift flour when making a delicious Flower Cake or cupcakes, or to sift confectioners sugar to finish a chocolate torte.

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